financial advisor Dallas

posted on 18 Sep 2014 07:54 by grapido
financial advisor Austin - Some of my friends need to hire a professional to help them design a financial plan, but some of them can get far down the road with a little time, a little diligence, and a trusted friend who can help because he or she has already gone down that road.

If their financial planner has mixed agendas, here are some tips I give my friends to help them figure out:

- Is he wearing a lot of Bruno and diamonds Magli shoes?

- Is she driving a $90,000 car, but you caught her talking about having a hard time paying her credit card bill?

- Does he charge a fee? Alternatively, is he paid by commissions from sales?

- Does she appeal to your selfish side, focusing on the indulgence you can enjoy if you have a lot of money, or does she ask about what matters most to you?

- Does his offer appear to be prepackaged, one-size-fits-all?

- Does she use any pressure to help you get to buy a product or service?

- Is he as slick and the proverbial used car salesman, always smiling and promising, glossing over details and transferring for your check?